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Aircon service made easy in Singapore

Life in Singapore is hot, literally, and that is why we need to have an air-conditioning system cooling our home. It helps us fight the heat by delivering cooler, fresher air which makes us comfortable inside.

A brand new AC unit will be able to do it’s job for several months. Efficient cooling might stop at around six months after you purchased the unit. This requires immediate service from an aircon servicing company. Older units might not function like how a brand new machine would. However, it doesn’t mean it can’t continue to be of use for your home. As the owner, you should just act on all types of problems, both new and recurring, to help extend it’s service life.

Pick up your phone and call an aircon service company. A reliable company will have customer service staff that will take your call to schedule a visit to your home to provide repair & maintenance service for your unit. Experienced technicians will be able to make the right fix to get your AC up and running again. The internet is full of ads and promotions for aircon service companies. You can weed the trustworthy and effective repair specialists through this blog. The next part will discuss Billy Aircon Singapore that has built a reputation of an aircon company which you can rely on.

Billy Aircon Singapore

No need to look further if you want a company you can trust for air-conditioning services. Billy Aircon Singapore has been around for more than 25 years and they have delivered high qdownload (5)uality, professional services to all the households and buildings they’ve worked on. Singaporeans recognize the company as one of the top aircon servicing companies in the country.

  • A great reputation built through 25 years of service. The company is now on its silver year of providing aircon repair and maintenance services all over the country. A strong client base and continued expansion of services are evidence to their high-quality services.
  •  Billy Aircon works with large corporations in Singapore. A team full of expert aircon technicians are sent out to perform repair and maintenance systems for large AC systems used by some of the biggest companies in the country. All their work with big time projects were successfully completed which shows the high-level capability of their team.
  •  Complete aircon services package. Billy aircon only uses effective chemical solutions that will clean Aircon units completely and safety in the disposal of these chemicals is assured. Repair work is done by inspection and complete dismantling of the whole unit to get to the center of the problem. Installation of AC units in residences and office buildings can also be provided by the company. All of these services can be availed by clients through the service packages they set when contacting the company.

Clients have given 5 star ratings to the services Billy Aircon (Facebook page) has delivered to Singaporeans. Many of there have trusted this company for decades to repair their AC units. All of them have lauded Billy Aircon for quality service, responsiveness, and friendly expert technicians.