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My New Trusted Aircon Service Provider in SG

There is no doubt about Singapore being an expensive country to live in. From your daily expenses to major services, the prices are all a bit higher in the country. This is why we are greatly relieved to have discovered Cool Earth Singapore as our primary service provider for maintaining our air conditioning units.images (2)

As you know, weather in Singapore can be harsh to our cooling units. It is so erratic that you find yourself needing to constantly check on the units just to make sure that it will work properly when you need it the most. In my house, I used to do DIY cleaning on my aircon for almost two years. I do it by simply taking out the filter and wash it with water. As long as I don’t see any visible dust from my unit, then I’m good to go. But, this was until two of my kids got diagnosed with bronchitis. We were surprised when the doctor told us that one of the possible causes of my kids’ recurring cough was our air conditioning unit. That’s when it hit, the full 24 moths when I managed to not let any AC expert check or maintain our aircon.

This is also the turning point that led me to Cool Earth SG. I simply seaimagesrched the internet for a company or any aircon specialist who will offer home service at the most affordable price. Cool Earth was one of the most responsive companies that I’ve contacted so it was relatively easy to trust them from our first interaction. It was
likewise a relief to know that they also service the residential areas in Singapore, at an affordable rate. Considering the level of their expertise, as well as the quality of their service, I can say that Cool Earth AC services company really gives you value for money.

There may be some instances when they will not be able to immediately dispatch an aircon specialist to your address, especially during busy seasons like this month. So it is best to simply book with them ahead of time especially for major services like chemical cleaning or aircon installation.

Cool Earth SG is the same company that installed the airconditioning units in our office, as well. I constantly see their team checking on the units regularly. This is also the kind of service that you can expect from Cool Earth SG, regardless if your property is residential or commercial.Making them one of the best aircon servicing in Singapore.images (1)

The Cool Earth SG team is extremely friendly, and you can even learn a lot from them while they are servicing your unit, including tips on how to save energy, how to extend an aircon’s life, and how to detect problems with the AC unit. They now service the entire Singapore so you can expect their team to reach you upon request.